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Tropical flowering plants : Mother of pearl flower necklace : Flower tattoo designs for feet.

Tropical Flowering Plants

tropical flowering plants

    flowering plants
  • A plant that produces flowers; an angiosperm

  • (flowering plant) angiosperm: plants having seeds in a closed ovary

  • (2. flowering plant) a plant with long sword-shaped leaves. Flowers: many-colored. Genus Iris.

  • (Magnoliophyta). This is the most diverse and numerous division of plants, with upwards of 400,000 species. Typically the largest flowering plant (angiosperm) has been considered Eucalyptus regnans, which can reach heights of 92 m (304 ft)[6].

  • Of, typical of, or peculiar to the tropics

  • Of or involving a trope; figurative

  • of weather or climate; hot and humid as in the tropics; "tropical weather"

  • characterized by or of the nature of a trope or tropes; changed from its literal sense

  • Resembling the tropics, esp. in being very hot and humid

  • relating to or situated in or characteristic of the tropics (the region on either side of the equator); "tropical islands"; "tropical fruit"

tropical flowering plants - Red Anthurium

Red Anthurium In Hawaiian Lava Rock Bonsai Tree

Red Anthurium In Hawaiian Lava Rock Bonsai Tree

Anthurium is the most popular and long lasting of all tropical flowering bonsai trees. Our premium red Anthurium, from anthos, meaning flower, and oura, meaning tail, refers to the many tiny-like spadix. These bright red colored beauties (currently in bloom) are the most well known the world over. Real Hawaiian lava rock is hand selected to provide a happy home for your Anthurium. Our Anthuriums have been specially hybridized for use as houseplants due to their trouble-free growing requirements. With reasonable care your volcano bonsai should last for years. Place in a bright window or on a countertop without direct sun and best to keep a small amount of water in a saucer/tray. Fertilize monthly at 1/2 strength with a soluable fertilizer found at your local garden shop or on our website.

88% (13)



Another tropical flower at Ormond Beach Memorial Gardens. I think this one is prettier than the Bird of Paradise in the previous picture.

Ginger Flower

Ginger Flower

Flowering Ginger Siphonochilus decora at Caldwell Nursery, Rosenberg, Texas. The best nursery! June 2009.

tropical flowering plants

tropical flowering plants

Hughes Water Gardens Yellow Hardy Waterlily (2 Plants)

Jewels of the pond. Watelilies are not only beautiful but are very beneficial to the pond. They absorb excess nutrients in the pond. They create shade on the pond which helps reduce algae. Their foliage provides shelter for fish from predators. Plant in wide shallow containers. Use heavy clay soil free of manures, peat moss, bark and other ammendments that might float. Fertilizing regularly is a must for good bloom. Plant in full sun with 12"-24" of water over crown. Water lilies are very cold hardy. To overwinter place on bottom of pond where there is no ice and they will not freeze.

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